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Awesome Gear

 This ciao! Baby Portable High Chair is one of the most useful items of baby/toddler gear we have. It folds right up so it’s great for stashing in the car and taking it out for picnics, a meal at a friend’s house, or on camping trips. We also use it occasionally when we need an extra high chair because we’ve got a little one visiting. This chair has already been claimed (when Baby A grows out of it) by our friends who are planning to have a baby soon. It’s pretty fabulous for kids from when they can sit up on their own to when they’re about 1.5 years old (if their legs are on the thinner side. E was super skinny and getting his legs in and out became the limiting factor for using the chair).

Books I Love

My Bible Friends (5 Volumes)

These are, hands-down, our favorite books to read for family worships. They’re easy enough to understand for young toddlers, and the retelling of each story is true to the Bible (though some details not mentioned in the Bible are filled in). These books are older, but they’re high quality and a worthy investment to make family worship a great experience.


Big Words for Little Geniuses is so much fun for the whole family! Honestly, my husband and I both learned a lot of new words when we started reading this book to E, and he frequently impresses us (and others) by using ridiculously big words properly as a result of it. If you are a word-loving family, this book is for you!


How to Help Your Child to Really Love Jesus: Practical Suggestions for Instilling Spiritual Values

This book is another oldie, but goodie. it offers great practical suggestions as well as information about the spiritual developmental stages that children go through. Our church gives a copy to each family when their babies are dedicated, and I really value this gift. I recommend it to any Christian parents!

Little Blue Truck board book

We love this book! It was a gift for E from his great-grandmother, and we all immediately adored it. It helps teach animal noises AND a great lesson in kindness. The illustrations are adorable, too. What more could you ask for in a toddler board book?



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